Glossary of Terms

inner ring suburb – closest to the center city, demographic shift with minorities moving in, whites moving out leading to white flight.

outer ring suburb – more affluent suburbs

white flight – white families who can afford it, move out of neighborhoods as minorities move in.

magnet school -public schools, part of a district, voluntary choice, pulls people of different demographic to create racial/economic diversity, families enticed to come by special programming, run a lottery

charter school – publicly funded, chartered by the state or by the city, run by a separate organization and not part of the school district, free to attend, run a lottery, have a Board and they solicit and often receive lots of private donations

Montessori school – type of education pedagogy, hands on learning, mixed age classes, more autonomy

neighborhood/community school – part of a district, attendance based on neighborhood boundaries

school voucher – parents can take per pupil funding and apply it to any school – public or private.

lottery – method of selecting students for schools, it can be weighted for particular criteria (neighborhood, sibling, suburban or city), or unweighted.

cultural capital – Pierre Bourdieu’s term – set of skills, manners, knowledge, language that gives you a leg up, make you more accustomed to particular situations.  For eg. the school system may give preference to people with certain types of cultural capital taught at home.

social capital – connections that give an individual more access to better opportunities, power of the network



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